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The Karmic Witch Way

Have you ever wondered how we design luxe, beautiful garments without compromising our ethics and strong standpoint on sustainability?
Our values framework shapes our entire design, manufacturing, and distribution process – from start to finish. Here’s what we’re about.

1. We know who makes our clothes

Karmic Witch is made with love and care by selected artisans. We know that when you nurture and care for the people involved in bringing your dreams to reality, they put even greater passion and dedication into their work. We believe that this is true for any workplace so why should it be different within the fashion industry? So, unlike many fashion brands, we’ve visited our manufacturers ourselves to ensure that their workplaces are run ethically and the wonderful artisans that bring you Karmic Witch are valued beyond simply being afforded basic human rights. We know first-hand that every employee who works for our manufacturers:

  • Feels happy, healthy, and appreciated when working
  • Has a clean, safe workspace
  • Is paid a living wage

When it comes to the creation of each of our garments, we take the careful, slow, and steady approach to ensure that we can uphold the great working conditions of our artisans – and produce the best possible quality clothing for you. Each garment is sewn together by one single seamstress from start to finish for a consistent, beautiful end product which she can be proud of and you are equally as proud to wear. 

2. We care for Mother Earth

We all know there’s no ‘Planet B’ so we believe in doing everything we can as a company to treat Mother Earth with the respect and love she deserves. With the help of our manufacturers, we’ve chosen the most sustainable materials available to us for each of our designs. Our current pieces are made from natural fibres and we promise to never use polyester (which involves environmentally damaging waste like microplastics in our waterways) when making new clothes. Our handpicked materials are not only kinder to the planet but they’re also kinder to your skin; they’re breathable and feel great.

Karmic Witch Vintage keeps preloved garments in circulation so that they enjoy a new life with you, instead of ending up in landfill. We believe in repairing, reusing, and getting the most out of all of our garments so that we are consuming less, and taking care of our planet. 

We also take the utmost care to make better choices throughout our business. Our clothing is delivered in plant-based and biodegradable bags, and the postcard you receive with your order is printed on 100% recycled card by a local Australian printer. On top of this, we promise to continually strive to improve every aspect of our environmental footprint as we grow and learn.

3. We take ethical action

We not only believe in believing we can do better – we take action on our values and ethics – because we want to walk the walk in improving the way fashion impacts our planet and its people. So, on top of ensuring our employees, materials, and processes are ethical and sustainable, Karmic Witch gives back to the earth even further by donating to Carbon Positive Australia to plant one tree for every garment sold. Our funds contribute to the planting of native Australian tree species which support natural ecosystems and wildlife, creating habitats that are resilient to Australia’s climate.


“It has been projected that safeguarding and restoring carbon over the coming decades in our forests, peatlands and agricultural areas may reduce well over 50 gigatonnes (50,000,000,000 tonnes) of carbon emissions that would otherwise enter the atmosphere. Maintaining our forests and restoring our natural landscape will make a real difference in reducing climate change.” – Louise Tarrier, Better Futures Australia

Each time you purchase a Karmic Witch garment, you’re supporting us in doing better for the fashion industry, Mother Earth, and the people who dedicate their lives to our cause.

Thank you for helping us do things the ‘Karmic Witch Way’.

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