Hey Witches!

Meet our Founder 

Meet Laura. Artist, designer, and all-around magical being. Laura’s the soul behind Karmic Witch, founded in 2019, out of a powerful drive to make fashion do better for those who wear it, those who make it, and our environment. You could say it was divine intervention or, simply, that it was her destiny to bring a sustainable, values-based, artisan brand to market. Why? Get to know Laura and you’ll understand.

Art and fashion influenced Laura’s early years in her hometown of Derby, England. She spent most of her free time trawling through vintage and charity shops for one-of-a-kind treasures or exploring art galleries, sketchbook in hand. Most called her style ‘quirky’ when she showed up in clashing patterns or one of her dad’s restyled jumpers. 

The thought of broadening her horizons and discovering the world’s cultures eventually pulled her away at 19. She dropped out of art school and found herself backpacking around Europe and Asia. During Laura’s visit to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on seeing the unacceptably dusty, dirty, and overcrowded working conditions of a garment factory, she started to become disillusioned by fast fashion. Deeper research into the lives of garment factory workers owned by some of the biggest global labels taught her that only 2% earned a living wage. Laura made a promise to herself that when she brought her life-long dream of owning a fashion business to fruition, she would do things differently. 

Fast forward to 2019 and Karmic Witch was born. 

British heritage mixed with the Australian vibes of Laura’s new home country, along with relaxed, ‘quirky’ sensibility, and a whole lot of soul make up the Karmic Witch ideology, values, and style. A Karmic Witch is bold, unapologetically themselves, and powerful; when they wear garments they’re aligned with, their best self shines. 

And about sustainability and ethics? You can bet Laura’s core focus when designing, manufacturing, and distributing Karmic Witch clothing is centred around bringing fairness and equality throughout the entire process – from start to finish. And, she’s dedicated to constantly striving to learn, do, and be better – from improving the sustainability of the materials she uses to making ethical choices around her business structure – Karmic Witch is all about being kind to Mother Earth and its people.

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